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Choosing the best phone card. 10 pitfalls to avoid!
Selecting a phone card

  • Does the card have a connect fee?

  • Calling cards with the lowest rates often charge a per call connect fee up to $2.00 a call. The basic calling cards often included with your local phone service or by your long distance provider generally have an expensive connection fee.

  • What is the card's maintenance fee?

  • This is the fee to maintain services for some cards. You can request Call History records from Card's Customer Service: Calling Dates, From-To, Durations, Charges. The maintenance fee will be taken from your card every one or two weeks/months (depends from the card) since you made a first call and as long as there are still minutes available on your card or until the end of validation period, which ever comes first.
    Most of our calling cards have low or no maintenance fee at all!
    How do I find the best phone card for me?
    A card with a lowest rate is not always the best one! Read the description for each card (Details).
    -For a short term use the cards with the lowest rates are recommended (usually they have weekly maintenance fee). For a long term use we suggest the cards with NO or Low maintenance fee.
    -Check a cell phone rates if you are going to call to a cell phone number. To find a cell phone rates select a "Country-Cellular".
    -Pay attention if a card has Local and Toll Free Access Numbers. Rates usually are higher when you use Toll Free Access Number. See card's details to find Local Access Number in specific area.
    -If you are a first time buyer, try to make your first purchase during Customer Service business hours. Call Customer Service for assistance if you have any questions or problems.

  • Does the card have an expiration date/Validity period?

  • If you don't use all of the minutes before that date, you lose them.
    The expiration dates on our phone cards vary from 3 months since activation (first call) to unlimited (Permanent PIN). Please view card's details for the information regarding specific card.

  • How much is the payphone surcharge?

  • This ranges from 24 cents to a dollar or more. Check the phone card details before buying.

  • What are the Tax surcharges?

  • Again, check out the calling cards details. Most of our cards don't have any Tax charges.

  • Is the billing increment different than one minute?

  • Some cards round billing to 3 minutes at a time. A one minute call at 20 cents a minute costs 60 cents due to that. There are also a few good cards that only bill 30 seconds at a time!
    Check this out in the card's details.

  • What is the Access Number?

  • The billing also depends on whether one calls a local access dial in number or a toll free number. Usually a caller realizes very less number of minutes if he calls a toll free number. It is advisable calling the local dial-in number as it works out cheaper compared to the toll free number.

  • Are there any extra charges for a phone card?

  • There are no any extra or hidden charges for our phone cards. See details for a phone card(s) you want to buy.

  • Make sure there is either a customer service phone number or email address.

  • All these details are included within an e-mail you receive right after buying a phone card. You can also contact our customer support any time. The details are on each page below a card's description.

  • Can I purchase a card to call to USA from overseas?

  • TravelGlobe is the best card for calling from foreign countries to the United States as well as from one foreign country to another. Please see details for this phone card here.

  • PIN-Free Access and Permanent PIN. How does it work?

  • PIN-Free Access!
    No PIN to remember! You make a call without entering PIN. When you sign up, you register your phone number with us. It can be your cell phone, work phone or home phone. Your phone number becomes your permanent Personal Identification. When You dial from registered phone, after entering Access number the telecom switches automatically recognizing your number, and You don't have to enter a hard-to-remember PIN!
    Can I call from different phone?
    To place a call from any not registered phone number just dial access number, enter your PIN (for "Jupiter" phone card card enter your 10 digits registered phone number and your 4 digits password assigned by you during sign up).
    Permanent PIN
    Permanent PIN - Each time when You add money to a card you refill the same PIN number. Only refillable phone cards have permanent PIN number. At least one refill in 10 month required.
    How do I refill Permanent PIN?
    To refill your Permanent PIN choose your phone card, select amount you wish to add and press the button "Buy or Refill". Every time you purchase or refill a phone card with Permanent PIN you add funds to your existing PIN.

  • Never dial zero to use a calling card

  • Instead, dial the toll-free access number for your card. Unlike the old days when dialing zero connected you to one network, there are now many long distance companies. If a phone is setup to route calls via AT&T, WorldCom or Sprint, dialing zero costs you a $4.99 initial fee for calls made with other companies calling cards. The rate-per-minute will be different as well.

    We suggest you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) prior to buying any phone card.

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