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Voip Phone Manual

SJ Labs Softphone: SJphone Step-by-step Installation for Windows
Go to Download & Install page and click on the download link depending on your operating system as shown on the picture below.voip phone service
Choose the SJphone-1.xx-WindowsXP(preview) link
voip providers

Choose the latest version of the SJPhone as shown below and click the download link.voip phone download


Click "Run".


Wait until downloading process is complete.

Click "Run".
Click "Next".
Click "I accept the license agreement" and then click "Next".
Wait until installation process is complete.
Click "Finish".
Click "Next".
Click "Next".
Click "Next".
Click "Test" to hear the sound. Move volume control bar to a comfortable level. Click "Next".
Use instructions on the screen in order to configure your microphone volume and then click "Next".
To verify that your microphone and speakers(headset) work correctly click "Record" to record your voice and then click "Play" to hear what you've just recorded. Click "Next" if you hear the recording well or click "Back" to reconfigure your sound system.
Click "Finish".

Softphone's main screen will appear.

SIP registration

Click on the right button of the mouse and select 'Options' (please click on the grey space of the softphone where you see the sign SIP direct Ready to call..

Select 'Profiles' tab.

Click on 'New' button.

Write the name of your profile in the 'Profile name' field. For example, 'Andrei' (the exact word doesn't matter).

Click on .OK. button. Don't close the program.

Enter your account, Choose Pc-to-phone in the dropdown menu to the right of your card.

Click on Create account button. You will be given username, password and Sip Server that you will need for installation of SJ Phone. Please, copy them to a text document.

Now go back to SJPhone and Choose SIP Proxy tab. Open the text file with data that you received after registration and copy the digits of Sip Server (for example, Put them into .Domain/Realm. field. Click on OK button. Do not check the boxes.

You will see the window with Account and Password fields. Copy your Username from the text file and put it into the .Account. field. Copy your password from the text file and put it into the .Password. field. Click on .OK. button.

Choose the profile that you created in the list (for example, .Andrei.) and click on .Edit. button.

Choose .SIP Registration. tab. Remove tick from "Register with Registrar" field (if there is a tick).

Click on .OK. button.

Click on .OK. button once more. Your phone is ready to use!

Put your phone number in the bottom line and click on the blue receiver to start the call.

You should enter the phone number according to the following instructions:

1 + Area code + Phone number (if you call to the USA or Canada)

011 + Country code + City code + Phone number (if you call to another country)

If you use the Firewall please adjust it so that it doesn't block SJ Phone!


Now you can cut down on your international calls considerably using voip service

You can always find your Username and Password by going to My Pins Continental: More Functions PC to Phone
Click "OK".
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